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Prescription Drug Rehab

There are many types of prescription drugs out there, all with unique traits and effects. Many of them have their place in medicine and can be helpful to those who need it. However, they can also be addictive when used excessively or improperly. Prescription drug addiction can be just as intense and serious as addiction to any other substance and must be treated as such.

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This is exactly how we see it with our prescription drug rehab for women in Ontario. We offer a safe place for women’s prescription drug addiction treatment and prescription drug help for women. Treatment will look different for everyone depending on the substance you’re struggling with and the severity and length of the addiction. Regardless of your particular circumstances, we’re equipped for prescription drug support for women here at Lily Recovery with comprehensive prescription drug addiction therapy for women.

Types of Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription drug addiction is a complex issue. To get to the heart of proper prescription drug recovery for women, you must first determine what you’re struggling with exactly. Three main categories of prescription drugs are most commonly the object of substance abuse:

Opioids surfaced in the early 1990s when doctors began prescribing them as powerful and effective painkillers. They became prevalent for a few reasons, including an increasing population and more people living with chronic and long-term pain.

When taken properly, opioids can significantly increase your quality of life by reducing pain, but they are only safe and effective when taken under doctors’ orders. Any off-label use, excessive consumption, or continuation of use after the recommendation puts you at risk for addiction. Aside from alleviating pain, opioids can also cause a mild happy or joyful feeling – adding to the reasons one may be compelled to abuse the drugs.

In addition to being extremely addictive in certain circumstances, opioid overdoses are also quite dangerous. They can even be life-threatening when taken with certain other medications, particularly ones that affect your nervous system.

Some of the most common opioids include:

  • Codeine
  • Morphine
  • Oxycodone (Oxycontin, Percocet, Vicodin)

Some common signs of overuse or misuse of opioids include:

  • Dizziness
  • Lethargy
  • Seizures
  • Confusion
  • Nausea
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Headaches

Central Nervous System depressants are used by millions of people to treat things like anxiety issues and sleep disorders, such as insomnia. They affect the chemical GABA in your brain and create feelings of calm and drowsiness. This can calm anxiety and help you sleep if you struggle to do so on your own.

This feeling of calm and the alleviation of stress can be addictive, as can the ease of sleep. Like opioids, these drugs can be very helpful when used in moderation and for short periods.

Extended use and use outside of a proper prescription from your doctor come with risks, including addiction. Extended use can also increase your tolerance, meaning you’ll need more and more to feel the effects, making overdose and addiction even more likely. Sudden withdrawal can also be quite dangerous as it can cause things like withdrawal seizures, so a safe women’s prescription drug detox program is imperative.

This is what you’ll get when you come to our residential prescription drug rehab for women. Our medical professionals know how to handle these things and you’ll be safe as you come off all substances.

Outpatient prescription drug treatment for women can work in some cases, but it does leave you more open and vulnerable to triggers, cravings, and relapse. With inpatient prescription drug addiction help for women, you won’t have access to any substance for relapse, even if you wanted it and we’ll monitor every second of your detox.

Some common CNS depressants include:

  • Ativan
  • Xanax
  • Valium
  • Seconal

Some signs of overuse and misuse of CNS depressants include:

  • Dizziness
  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Lethargy
  • Changes in vision
  • Slurred speech
  • Loss of coordination
  • Drowsiness
  • Memory problems

Lastly, stimulants are another common category of addictive prescription drugs. These drugs are the opposite of CNS depressants. Rather than calm your mind and help you sleep, you get a bit of a jump-start from them. They offer a boost in energy, alertness, and attention. They can help you focus and give you the energy and motivation to get through a day or a set of tasks.

Doctors prescribe these drugs to help with conditions like ADHD, depression, and even narcolepsy. Overuse and abuse of these drugs are common among students. It can help with long and in-depth study sessions and other school-related activities. Although it can be helpful in these situations under the advice of a doctor, it’s easy to start using them too much.

Common stimulants include:

  • Concerta
  • Ritalin
  • Adderall
  • ProCentra

Some common signs of overuse or misuse of stimulants include:

  • Hallucinations
  • Dilated pupils
  • Reduced appetite
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Paranoia
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Changes in behaviour, possible aggression or hostility

Prescription drugs have risks and side effects, even when used appropriately and under doctors’ orders. The development of a dependency or addiction comes with many additional risks of both short and long-term health concerns.

For example:

  • Opioids can cause slowed breathing or even cause breathing to stop altogether. This quickly becomes a serious medical emergency.
  • Opioids can also cause a coma.
  • CNS depressants or sedatives can cause slowed breathing and/or low blood pressure, or a coma in some cases.
  • Withdrawal from CNS depressants can cause seizures.
  • Stimulants can increase body temperature and cause heart problems, high blood pressure, and seizures.

Prescription drug abuse and addiction can also have devastating effects on your personal and professional life. Like any addiction, it can cause stress and strain within relationships among family and friends. It can also cause you to lose focus and start shirking responsibilities at work, which can affect your career long-term or even cost you your job.

The sooner you start at a proper prescription drug treatment center for women, the better. If you’re wondering about prescription drug rehab treatment options for women, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll do our best to answer your questions and help you decide if a stay at Lily Recovery is right for you or a loved one.

A women’s prescription drug addiction rehab program will look slightly different depending on the drug(s) you’re addicted to.

For example, opioid addiction may start with a medication called methadone. This works to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and relieve cravings. It’s proven to be quite effective when used correctly, though it’s not a complete and long-term cure. This can help you manage things in the short term, but you still need proper treatment and therapy to eliminate the addiction for good.

Several medications are approved for use in treating various prescription drug medications, but they should not be seen or used as a whole treatment. For most, counseling and therapy are crucial parts of recovery.

At Lily Recovery, our counselors and therapists are highly qualified and have experience with a wide variety of treatments. This includes the popular cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing, solution-focused therapy, and so much more.

Our program includes plenty of private sessions between you and a therapist, along with group therapy and discussion. We find that both of these methods combined offer the most effective treatment with a high chance of long-term success.

We also offer dual-diagnosis prescription drug rehab for women. Many suffer from mental health issues and other things at the same time as their addiction. Our professionals are trained and equipped to handle this as well – many of our therapies are conducive to treating addiction along with various co-current disorders.

Undergoing regular and professional therapy for prescription drug addiction can help you in many ways:

  • You’ll determine what may have led you to abuse and become addicted to prescription drugs. This could include underlying mental health issues, among other things.
  • You’ll learn the skills you need to manage and resist cravings, prevent future issues and addictions, and generally avoid the abuse of drugs going forward.
  • You’ll identify ways to create a healthier life with better boundaries and activities that have nothing to do with drugs.
  • You’ll learn strategies and skills for developing healthy and meaningful relationships.
  • You’ll learn what to do and the steps to take should a relapse occur.

While you’ll make great strides with these therapies in our women-only prescription drug rehab center, your progress will be further enhanced through group therapy. There are many proven benefits to group sessions that’ll give you an even great chance of successful recovery:

  • You’ll feel less alone as you surround yourself with like-minded women and hear their stories. Whether similar to yours or not, you’ll have a community of people with the same goal.
  • Hearing the progress reports and success stories of others, it’ll give you a fresh infusion of hope and confidence in your own treatment and therapy.
  • You’ll learn additional coping mechanisms and strategies as you discuss experiences and successful techniques.
  • You’ll gain confidence in yourself and your ability to share. This can translate to more comfort and confidence even in private therapy.

At Lily Recovery, we believe in a holistic approach to prescription drug rehab for women. Our quiet and peaceful facility is tucked away in nature and we accept only ten women each month. This gives you a chance to recover in private while still having a feeling of camaraderie. This also allows our medical professionals and support staff to offer consistent and individualized 24/7 care.

In addition to our many therapies and counseling techniques, we offer a variety of holistic therapies, resources, activities, and amenities to further enhance your treatment. These things enrich your stay and give you an enjoyable experience while helping you achieve an even greater chance of long-term success.

For example:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Art therapy
  • Journaling
  • Local and onsite NA/AA/CA meetings
  • Motivational speakers
  • Onsite gym with equipment
  • Outdoor lounge and access to nature.

These things are all designed to offer additional resources for recovery as well as mental health support. Yoga and meditation are fantastic for calming your mind and spirit while offering physical benefits. This can help you focus better on therapy and treatment while taking your mind off of any cravings or other triggers you may experience. This is all part of our comprehensive approach to prescription drug rehab for women in Northumberland County.

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Prescription Drug Addiction in Women

Men and women operate, react to, and process many things differently. Prescription drug addiction, treatment, and recovery are some of these things. This is why we’ve created a female-only facility and program. Our staff understand some of what you’re going through and they’re equipped to help you, as a woman specifically, get the most out of your treatment here.

Many studies suggest and indicate that women may experience things like anxiety and chronic pain more than men, potentially leading to more opioid prescriptions and therefore a higher chance of addiction. Like alcohol, many drugs are metabolized faster in a woman’s body than a man’s. This is due to a higher body fat percentage, and lower percentage of water.

Because they move through the system faster, they can cause faster and stronger effects. This can lead to a higher susceptibility to dependence and addiction.

Physical reasons aside, women also process treatment and recovery differently and can relapse for different reasons. All of this combined is what makes our prescription drug recovery program for women so effective – we focus on how to treat women and only women.

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Lily Recovery is open to all women who are struggling – our program offers prescription drug rehab for pregnant women and prescription drug rehab for mothers. Children can be heavily affected by any substance abuse disorder, both in and outside the womb. If you’re in a tough spot and want to get better for your kids, our program offers a peaceful, private, and effective way to get prescription drug addiction treatment for women.

If you’re interested in our prescription drug addiction treatment for women in Ontario, please feel free to reach out any time. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible and address all your questions and concerns.

If you or someone you know is struggling, we’ll provide the best guidance we can and help you determine if our program is right for you. We’re also happy to discuss prescription drug rehab for women, as this can vary from program to program.

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