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the benefits of addiction recovery

The Benefits of Addiction Recovery

Whether it’s alcohol addiction, drug addiction, or something else, it’s never easy to navigate and recovery can feel overwhelming and elusive. Recovery can also take some time or even a few tries. But, it’s always worth it in the end.

So many parts of your life are affected by addiction of all kinds and severities. By engaging in recovery and working towards healing, you’re only helping yourself and improving your life overall. Overcoming addiction doesn’t even have to be something you do on your own – many lean on a support system and entering a rehab facility can also make a world of difference.

Read on to learn more about the immense benefits of addiction recovery.

Biggest Recovery Benefits

There are many benefits and advantages of recovery, and the journey looks a little different for everyone. However, there are some definite rewards that you’ll reap when you strive for recovery from addiction. These things are tried, true, and proven many times over:

Better Health

Excessive substance use and abuse of any kind is highly detrimental to your health. Different drugs have different risks and side effects, but none are pleasant. You’ll experience things like nausea, headaches, physical weakness, fatigue, low energy, pain, weight gain or loss, and so much more.

Over time, many of these things can cause more long-term or even permanent issues. The sooner you can recover, the better it is for your body and your health.

Addiction also heavily impacts your mental health. Many people who suffer from a substance abuse disorder will either develop mental health conditions, or the addiction will make existing conditions worse. Anxiety and depression are common, but things like paranoia, hallucinations, and more are also a possibility.

Your mental health will greatly improve with a proper rehab and recovery program. Especially in a comprehensive program like we have at Lily Recovery where we specialize in treating co-occurring conditions. If you’re struggling with both addiction and mental health at the same time, you need specific types of therapy – ones that we’re fully equipped to offer.

Improved Self Esteem

With better physical and mental health also comes stronger self-esteem. Between a changing appearance, negative thought patterns, and the guilt/shame/stigma that comes with addiction – it’s easy to feel down on yourself.

As you start bettering your mind and body and moving past addition, your self-esteem will naturally improve. Not only will the addiction lose its power over you, but you’ll feel a strong sense of accomplishment as you make progress toward healing and recovery. As you start feeling better about yourself, recovery becomes that much easier, too.

More Stable Career

Job loss is an unfortunate but common side effect of addiction. As you spend more time, money, and energy on the substance, your performance begins to lack. Whether you’ve lost your job or been doing it poorly, your career is undoubtedly affected.

By engaging in recovery from addiction, you’ll enable yourself to be stronger and more present at work. Whatever type of work you do, recovery and proper healing allow you to keep doing it well and enjoy better job security. This also leads to better financial health, which becomes a problem for many as they must spend more and more on substances to be satisfied.

Stronger Relationships

Another thing that tends to suffer when struggling with addiction is the relationships you have with those around you.

Immediate family members tend to experience the strain first, and often the strongest. Partners begin to feel ignored and neglected while simultaneously having to worry about you. They hate to see you struggling and often can’t help feeling hurt at the same time.

If you have kids, they won’t be immune to the impacts, either. They’ll notice you’re not acting the same, not around as much, etc. They may even pick up on the strain between you and their other parent.

Friendships also begin to fade as your priorities change and you become less present and available. They may try to help you, but you must be open to help if it’s going to do any good.

Sometimes, even committing to the recovery process is enough to begin the repairs. Partners and close friends will see and appreciate the intention and may come around you in support.

In the end, repairing strained relationships and fixing ones that were broken is much easier when you’re recovered and healthy. You’re physically able to be there, and can mentally handle the emotions that come with the repair process.

partners and close friends

New Friends and Connections

Making new friends and connections is another of many positive aspects of addiction recovery. Especially if you decide to move into a rehab facility, you’ll quickly gain a new support network. It can be hard to open up at first, but you’ll find it’s easier in a quiet, private environment like the one we offer at Lily Recovery.

Our program accepts only ten women at any given time and we offer helpful and productive group therapy sessions. Here, you’ll learn about those in the program with you and be exposed to new perspectives, coping mechanisms, healing techniques, and more.

You may find you forge strong new friendships as you move through this journey together. Not only is this helpful as you work to recover, but they can offer lasting support. Re-entering the world sober can be a tough transition, and leaning on someone who fully gets it can make all the difference.

Start Your Journey to Recovery Today

Regardless of where you’re at in your journey, it’s never too late to start rehab and there’s never a bad time. The sooner you acknowledge the problem and start accepting help, the better. You’ll discover many recovery benefits as you move through our program, from improved health to repaired relationships and stronger finances.

Our facility is designed to help women of all ages and circumstances feel safe and comfortable. We offer a huge variety of therapy types and techniques, as well as several holistic practices to help you recover your mind and soul as well. Feel free to reach out today and we’ll walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have about our program!