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Anger Management Therapy

Everyone gets angry from time to time and while It may not be pleasant, it’s a natural reaction to certain things. Whether justified or not, it’s normal human emotion we all experience. It only becomes a problem when your anger causes you to lash out dangerously or uncontrollably.

Even if you’re not placing anyone in physical danger, unmanaged anger can still cause damage through what you say or do. If you have trouble managing your anger and the reactions it elicits, you’re not alone. Anger management issues can stem from many places and have varying effects, but the good news is that there’s always help available.

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anger management therapy

We offer an effective, high-quality women-only anger management program for those seeking help. Between anger management counseling and other various treatment methods, we can help you get a hold on this emotion and start handling it properly. From anger management classes to anger control techniques, we offers treatment for both men and women.

Understanding Anger Management

Anger management is a unique issue that everyone handles a little differently. An inability to control and manage your anger in a healthy way can have damaging effects on many areas of your life. This includes your mental and physical well-being as well as your relationships with those around you.

Anger issues can result from many possible things, including:

  • Mental illness. Things like anxiety, depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder and more all change the way you think, feel, and behave. Especially if you’re currently untreated, struggling with one or more of these things can lead to additional anger issues.
  • Substance abuse. Be it drugs or alcohol, excessive substance use also alters the way you think and act. Drinking alcohol especially is known to increase aggression and affect your impulse control.
  • A period of intense grief is also known to cause anger issues. Losing something or someone important to you can spark anger. The anger may be directed at the person who died, the one who fired you, or any other specific thing – but it’s often taken out on those around you.
  • Being too stressed and not managing it well can lead one to need anger management support. Stress can cause a short mental fuse and have you lashing out frequently.

This list is not exhaustive, but these are some of the most common causes of anger issues. There are also a few different ways anger can be expressed. Anger management issues don’t always look like yelling and violent outbursts:

  • Outward. This involves an obvious and external expression of anger. It can include shouting, throwing things, cursing, and being verbally or even physically abusive to those around you. Those struggling without outward aggression may benefit from an anger management destruction therapy clinic.
  • This is when anger is directed at yourself. It includes negative self-talk, denying yourself basic needs or nice things, or even self-harm and isolation.
  • Passive. Passive anger is still directed externally but in subtler ways. For example, giving someone silent treatment, sulking, pouting, excessive and hurtful sarcasm, and rude or mean remarks.

Because anger is a natural and expected emotion in everyone, it can sometimes be hard to determine if you have a problem with it. If you’re unsure whether your anger management has become an issue, you can watch for the following signs and symptoms:


  • You feel angry often
  • You feel unable to control your anger
  • Your anger is affecting your relationships
  • You do things you regret during bouts of anger
  • You’re doing physical things you know are wrong – breaking things, throwing things, hurting someone
  • Increase blood pressure
  • Tense muscles
  • An elevated heart rate

A frequent tingling sensation throughout your body

Our facility offers anger management for both men and women, while being aware that women are inherently different than men and they have a unique way of processing things. This means that anger management counseling for women looks different than that for men.

Our anger management support program is designed to be inclusive, welcoming individuals from all genders. Our team is committed to creating an environment where everyone feels safe and comfortable while receiving effective treatment with long-lasting results.

Anger Management Exercises

We have a wide range of therapies and treatment methods available at Lily Reovery. We believe in a complete and whole-body approach to treatment, no matter what you’re struggling with. This is why we offer everything from individual therapy sessions and holistic practices to women’s anger management group therapy.

By participating in a variety of therapies and activities, you can heal and balance your mind, body, and spirit. This creates meaningful and long-lasting healing so you can stay on track even after leaving our facility.

A few tried and true anger management strategies for patients include:

  • Meditation, which helps you relax your mind and body and get you into a peaceful headspace. Guided meditation can be especially helpful for releasing pent-up anger.
  • Your therapist can help you visualize proper boundaries and give you tools to promote emotional regulation.
  • Moving and exercising. By moving your body you can manage stress and channel anger and frustration into your exercises. You can take advantage of our available workout equipment to do this!

We offer these things and much more at Lily Recovery. From simple tools to complex therapy sessions, we have plenty of anger management tools for female clients.

anger management for women

Anger Management for Women in Ontario

Struggling with anger and feeling out of control is discouraging and frustrating. However, recognizing it as a problem and seeking help is a brave and important first step. Many search for “anger management near me” which is why we’ve placed our facility in a convenient central location.

Easily accessible from both Ottawa and the GTA, we offer help and support for women all throughout Ontario. Our facility is private and nestled away in nature. We have ongoing intakes, with limited occupancy. This gives you a chance to build a small support network while maintaining peace, quiet and privacy

If you have any questions about our program or even the anger management therapy cost, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our friendly staff will get back to you quickly.

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