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Residential Treatment

Acknowledging the problem and then seeking help for your addiction is sometimes the hardest part. It’s a brave move and although it may be tough, it may just be the best thing you ever do. That being said, wanting help is just the first step. With so many options, it can be hard to know the best kind of treatment for you.

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residential treatment

At Lily Recovery, we believe that inpatient treatment at a residential facility is the best way to get results and see long-term success. Our 24/7 care center for women has medical staff available at all times and we support and monitor all women through every step of the process.

Residential vs. Outpatient

Both have their benefits, but residential or inpatient treatment is different from outpatient treatment. Residential treatment involves admitting yourself into a controlled environment where you’ll live for the duration of your treatment.

The average stay at Lily Recovery is about 30-45 days, but it all depends on you, your mental state, and how your treatment progresses. We offer comprehensive care for women that we’re happy to discuss with you and your family if you’re at all unsure about attending long-term treatment for women.

Outpatient treatment can involve a partial stay in the hospital but is overall less restrictive than inpatient programs. Generally, outpatient treatment occurs after a residential stay, but everyone is different. Outpatient rehab can last up to several months, during which time you’ll attend regular sessions and appointments several times a week.

The treatment program here at Lily Recovery is comprehensive and personalized to each client. Upon arrival, we’ll work with you to determine the severity of your addiction and any co-occurring conditions. Then, we create a treatment plan. This will include many different things and can be adjusted as we go.

During your stay at our beautiful, private facility, you’ll enjoy access to the following services:

  • Women’s individual therapy. We offer multiple weekly sessions with our highly trained therapists and counselors. We use a wide range of therapy methods including CBT, spiritual therapy, motivational therapy, trauma-informed therapy, and so much more.
  • Group therapy for women. Group therapy is a proven technique and offers many benefits. You’ll gain new perspectives, learn new coping methods, celebrate the success of others, and gain confidence in your own treatment.
  • Family therapy. While addiction is hard on you, it can be hard on your family as well. We’ll work with you to mend the relationships and dynamics with partners, children, and other family members.
  • Holistic care. We believe in a mind, body, and spirit approach to treatment and healing. This means we offer activities like yoga, meditation, journaling, art therapy, and more to help calm your mind and center your spirit.
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Sometimes, treatment can be helped and enhanced with various medications. This can include medication to manage mental health symptoms and/or withdrawal symptoms. We have a strong medical team available to administer medication as needed.
  • Aftercare planning. Once you leave our program, the work doesn’t stop. You must remain committed to your recovery and sobriety. Before you go home, we’ll work with you on an aftercare plan so you’re prepared for the next chapter.
outpatient treatment

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The first step towards treatment is often the hardest. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time with questions or concerns, and we’ll happily offer as much help and guidance as we can.

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