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Marijuana Rehab

Marijuana is a unique substance that takes various forms and has several uses. Like many others, marijuana can be prescribed for many reasons, from mental health to pain management. Unlike other prescription drugs, however, marijuana is also legal for recreational use in many places. This includes all of Canada and a growing number of states. Regardless of circumstances, though, marijuana can be addictive. Common recreational uses include smoking it or eating it in gummies or other snacks. It’s these methods that often give you a “high” along with a reduction of anxiety, pain, etc.

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The alleviation of symptoms mixed with this nice, positive feeling is what gets many people addicted. Our women-only marijuana rehab center offers a safe, peaceful place to recover from this addiction. Women’s marijuana rehab looks different than men’s, so we’ve created a program that consists of only women – both patients and staff.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment for Women

At Lily Recovery, we want to give you the best chance at long-term success, so we’ve created a marijuana recovery program for women only, including all the staff. We believe you’ll be most comfortable surrounded by only women.

The average stay in our residential marijuana rehab for women is 30-45 days, and we accept only ten women at any given time. During your stay, you’ll have several sessions a week with our various therapists and counselors. Because everyone is different, we offer a wide variety of proven, science-backed therapies and techniques to help you through recovery.

Some common therapies for marijuana addiction include:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy. CBT is a common treatment for addiction as it helps you analyze your behaviours and thinking patterns that may have led to addiction. It’s also an effective treatment for various mental health disorders, which tend to occur alongside marijuana addiction.
  • Motivational therapy. This is a form of therapy that focuses on maintaining your motivation to complete therapy and recover from your addiction. It can be easy to lose heart during treatment and discouragement is common. Motivational therapy will help you get ahead of this and maintain a genuine desire to continue treatment.
  • Group therapy. Each week you’ll participate in group sessions as well as your private treatments. You’ll cover a range of topics, from anger and stress management ad coping mechanisms to your personal experiences. This has many benefits – you’ll learn new things, gain confidence through hearing success stories, and build a community of support.
  • Dual-diagnosis treatment. Women’s dual diagnosis treatment for marijuana addiction is important for those that suffer from addiction and mental health disorders at the same time. This can require different forms and methods of therapy – something our well-trained staff is equipped for.

Holistic Marijuana Rehab for Women

Lastly, we believe in a comprehensive and holistic approach to treatment and recovery. We offer a variety of additional resources, activities, and therapies to further enhance your stay.

Things like meditation, yoga, journaling, art therapy, and nature walks all help to balance your mind and spirit. This enables you to stay relaxed, centered and focused on recovery. We also offer access to workout equipment, local and in-house NA, CA, and AA meetings, and more.

Our residential marijuana rehab for women is an open and inclusive program that accepts women from all walks of life. Long-term marijuana rehab for women can help anyone. We’ve carefully designed our women’s cannabis addiction treatment to give you the best chance at long-term success.

For example, we offer:

  • Marijuana rehab for women with PTSD
  • Marijuana rehab for women with depression
  • Marijuana rehab for women with eating disorders
  • Marijuana rehab for women with trauma
  • Marijuana rehab for women with pain
  • Marijuana rehab for women with chronic illness

Our women’s marijuana detox program also has various support staff available around the clock should you need help and/or medical attention. This is one of the many benefits of choosing an inpatient program over outpatient marijuana treatment for women. You’ll also have no access to substances, should you experience any triggers or intense cravings as part of withdrawal.

Marijuana is often seen as a “softer” drug since it’s legal in some places and so widely used recreationally. It’s also true that many can use it occasionally to experience their desired benefits, and not become addicted.

And yet, when addiction takes hold, it’s not any better or any easier than other addictions. The main effects of a marijuana high include feelings of happiness, reduced anxiety, an increased appetite, and sometimes mild hallucinations. This combined with any additional pain relief can create a dependence in those who use it frequently.

Many are hesitant to admit or recognize an addiction, but there are some warning signs that you should be aware of. If you’re worried you’re becoming addicted or are concerned about a loved one, watch for these signs of addiction:

  • Using more of it than intended and/or requiring more to get the desired high.
  • Continuing use despite negative psychological or physical consequences.
  • Falling behind on or neglecting responsibilities at home and/or work.
  • Making marijuana a priority over family, hobbies, and other enjoyable activities.
  • Having unpleasant withdrawal symptoms if you try to stop or cut back.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help. We’ll offer as many answers and as much guidance as we can.

Extended and frequent use of marijuana can not only lead to addiction, but you’ll be at greater risk for many short and long-term health concerns and other issues.

For example:

  • Brain health. Marijuana can have a permanent effect on your brain, especially if you start using it at a young age. This can include a loss of IQ points, which won’t come back even if you quit.
  • Mental health. Although it can be used as a medical treatment for anxiety, overuse of the drug can lead to adverse mental effects. This includes depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and even psychotic episodes.
  • Physical performance. Extended use can affect things like movement, timing, and coordination. This can be detrimental for athletes, especially.
  • Baby health. Marijuana rehab for pregnant women is extremely important as using marijuana during pregnancy can create issues with your baby’s early development.
  • Daily life. In addition to the health risks, marijuana use, and addiction can impact your work, family, kids, and social life. This is why we also offer marijuana rehab for mothers.
marijuana addiction treatment for women

Marijuana Addiction Treatment for Women in Ontario

We are conveniently located within a reasonable driving distance of both Ottawa and the GTA. Cannabis abuse treatment for women is a tough and involved process, but seeking help is often the hardest part.

Feel free to reach out to us today or at any time with any questions you may have. We’ll get back to you quickly with as much help as we can. We’ll help you determine if our women’s marijuana addiction recovery program is right for you.

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